TreadStat™ — Tire and Rim Management Solution

Better Knowledge. Better Productivity.
A clear, complete and real-time view of every tire’s status and performance across your entire organization.



Monitor the condition of your tires and rims from any device, anywhere in the world.

Track each tire throughout its entire life cycle. Follow it from receiving into inventory to mounting, inspections, rotation management, repairs, and ultimately, its disposal. Easily forecast, budget and manage your tire program from any device and avoid costly tire-related downtime.

Download TreadStat™ and soon you’ll be able to:

  • Capture vehicle inspection data online or offline 
  • Upload inspections to an online version of TreadStat™ 
  • Record tire pressure and tread depth 
  • Conveniently note critical inspections that require immediate action 
  • Share inspection summary information via email 
  • Manage a global operation via one system to unify data-driven tire and rim management decisions for increased efficiency 
  • Use a custom, integrated dashboard to go from a five-year, 30,000-foot view of your tire utilization to a complete history of an individual tire in just a few clicks 

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