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Tractor Tire Repair and Services


Farm days are long, and they’re tough on tires. We have the right tractor tires and the services to keep your tires rolling.

Services We Offer

On-site Services

Let us administer weight studies and other service solutions to maximize your yields.



Scheduled Inspection/Maintenance

GCR Tires & Service will regularly inspect your farm fleet for upcoming tractor tire service needs. These scheduled inspections are customizable and can provide information on tire condition and service forecasting.

Flat-Proofing Tires (Foam-Filling)

When you need to be prepared for anything, polyurethane foam and other materials can help eliminate the downtime of a flat while in the field or on the job.

Calcium Chloride Ballast Fill

Gaining traction on slopes and wet terrain can put a strain on your agriculture equipment. Additional tire ballast can help. We’ll help you lower your vehicle’s center of gravity so you can get the job done with less wasted motion.

Air Pressure Management Programs

We can outfit your farm fleet with a fully customized air pressure management program that can maximize your uptime and your bottom line. We think you can roll with that.

Tire Disposal

Nobody likes taking out the trash. With scrap tires, it’s a lot more than a trip to the junkyard. Don’t stress over researching local requirements, keeping up with changes or dealing with potential fines for improper disposal. Our GCR Tires & Service teammates will dispose of your tires and ensure all requirements in your area are met.