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Semi Truck Tire Service, Assessment, and Inspection

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GCR’s commercial Tire Inspection and Assessment program is a standardized method of inspection, designed to check every wheel position and help you make informed tire and maintenance decisions, ultimately saving you money. Here's an example of how:

Have Your Semi Truck Tires Serviced Using Our Complete Tire Assessment

Our Tire Assessment program begins with our TIA-trained technicians thoroughly inspecting your vehicle at each wheel position for signs of tire health, such as:

  • Incorrect inflation pressure
  • Irregular wear
  • Mismatched tread depths
  • Cuts
  • Cracks
  • Bulges
  • Penetrations

Our technicians will then interpret the assessment data to make safety-focused preventive service recommendations. These recommendations help avoid downtime due to unexpected and costly repairs, while also improving fuel efficiency and your bottom line.

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