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How to Choose the Right Agricultural and Tractor Tires

Farm days are long and they’re tough on tires. At GCR, we have the right tractor tires for all your farm machinery and the services to keep them rolling.

Finding the Right Farm Tires

Farming is a game of timing. When the conditions are right, your equipment needs to be moving – and keep moving until the job is done. Choosing the right agricultural tires for your operation is key. When you use the right fleet farm tires your equipment works better, helping you be more productive in the field and reduce downtime.

When considering tractor tires for sale, think about things like the soil type you’ll be operating in, terrain, typical weather conditions in your area, equipment and load type, rim diameter, and more. Buying the right farm tractor tires can feel complicated, but we’re here to give you a few tips to help make it easy.

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Farm Implement Tire Types

If you’re new to farming, or just wanting to learn more, you might wondering about the different types of ag tires and their pros and cons. We’ll explain different types of farm tires, their standard sizes and uses to help you make the best decision for your farming operation.

Flotation Tires

Flotation tires are a type of tire designed to give traction and stability when operating heavy machinery on loose surfaces, such as your field. Flotation tires are often wide and have treads that minimize soil compaction while maintaining proper ground contact. Since soil compaction decreases yields, high flotation tires can help increase your bottom line.

Implement Tires

Implement tires have a lot of surface contact with your field, so it’s especially important to reduce soil compaction while ensuring they can withstand heavy loads and extended wear, and also deliver excellent traction.

Garden Tractor Tires

Garden tractor tires are great for light- to medium-duty garden implements and machinery. Tread designs on these tires help deliver a smoother ride with maximum traction and flotation to minimize ground disturbance.

Forestry Tires

Forestry tires are designed with deep tread depth for maximum traction and massive tire widths to aid navigability in getting to inaccessible areas. Rugged construction will handle heavy loads.

Sprayer Tires

Sprayer tires are designed for both broad land and narrow row crop farming. With variations for high-clearance and high-volume sprayers, improved wet traction and Euro-sized tractors, there’s a sprayer tire option to fit your needs.

Harvest Tires

Harvest tires need to be suited to your specific crop and wear-resistant to withstand long hours in the field season after season. Whether you’re looking for combine tires, grain cart tires, tires for your picker or even highway mower, look to GCR for your harvest machinery tires.

Tractor Tire Maintenance

Once you’ve got the right set of tires for your farm machinery, proper maintenance is key to helping them last and perform year after year.

Tire Pressure and Inflation

Maintaining proper tire pressure can help extend the life of your tractor tires. Use our simple tire pressure inflation calculator to find out your perfect tire pressure. Just input your tire details and we’ll instantly give you its proper PSI.

Tractor Tire Repair

Farmers don’t have time for downtime. When your tractor tires go down, GCR tire repair services will help get you back up and running. We can foam fill farm tires to help prevent flats in the field and perform calcium chloride ballast fills to help lower your tractor’s center of gravity for more traction on steep hills and slopes.

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Called for a price to dismount and mount two compact tractor tires. Got the price over the phone in seconds. Went by with the intention of dropping off and picking up later. To my surprise they broke the tires down and mounted the new tires while I waited. Their tire changing guys are beasts. The entire process from start to finish was exceptional. Highly recommended!
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