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Name any distance, conditions or load, and we’ve got the right tires to outfit your fleet.  Our stores carry a variety steer tires, drive tires, trailer tires, and all position tires that can outfit every wheel position of your commercial truck.

Whether you’re looking for a top-tier fuel efficient tire or a more economic option, we carry a wide variety of brands and sizes.  From Low Pros to Super Singles, we can get you and your truck back on the road quickly.


Perform at Your Best: Understanding Semi-Truck Tire Positions

GCR can outfit every wheel position of your commercial truck. Plus, our service for semi-truck tires goes beyond balancing and alignment. We’ll get you on the road fast and show you how to make your steer, drive and even heavy duty trailer tires last longer and perform better. To get started, check out the differences between each tire position, using our commercial truck tire position chart below.

Then, browse quality truck and bus radial tires, also known as TBR tires, for each axle with our Trucking Tire Finder. Need more guidance? Ask one of our sales associates for help finding the best semi-truck tires for your specific distance, condition or load.


Steer Tires

Steer tires for semi-trucks are considered the most important tire position on a commercial truck. They’re sometimes generally known as all-position tires because they’re designed for the steer axle, but also perform well on drive and trailer axles.

When used under the truck tractor on the steer axle, their quality shouldn’t be taken for granted. Steer tires influence handling, help ensure a smooth ride, take a lot of scrubbing on curbs and are often the position that’s most involved in high-impact collisions. Tires in this position, especially line-haul tires, tend to wear out quickly and are a major factor for fuel economy. That’s why it’s so important to have a premium steer tire you know will perform in all conditions for safety, comfort and even fuel economy.


Drive Tires

Sitting at the rear truck tractors on the drive or torque axles, drive tires are the most vital tire for good traction. It’s common for our customers to have trouble deciding on the best drive tires for semi-trucks in their fleet, because they’re trying to tackle all of their goals and challenges. To make it easier, we recommend focusing on one primary objective for your truck drive tires – be it traction, life-cycle cost, fuel economy, on-time arrival, etc.

As an example, if you’re questioning all-position tires vs. drive tires and you want to focus on fuel economy, deep-tread drive tires for semi-trucks often perform similarly to all-position tires for fuel economy, so you have both to choose from. This is because they have a deeper tread with more to wear off than all-position tires before they’re pulled. GCR experts can provide even more helpful information to help you narrow down or consider other options.


Trailer Tires

The best trailer tires for semi-trucks are designed for free-rolling, trailer-axle positions in the back of the trailer. They’re likely stiffer to withstand tough braking, heavy loads and protect from curbing damage. There are two common types of semi-truck trailer tires: radial ply and bias ply. The difference between radial and bias ply trailer tires is their construction.

Radial trailer tires have shorter cords that run perpendicular to the direction of travel, providing more flex and ground contact, which is good for traction, treadwear and stability. Cords on bias ply trailer tires run at a 32-degree angle from the direction of travel and have stiffer sidewalls and shoulders. This can increase heat build-up in the bias ply tire, especially when it’s under a load. Radial ply tires run cooler, which helps the tire last longer and usually makes them the better value.


Commercial Truck Tire Service for All Positions

When choosing semi-truck tires, it’s important to think about service, too. All of our convenient GCR locations can mount and balance semi-truck tires, and many of our stores offer alignments for commercial vehicles. Find out how GCR can service your commercial truck tires and fleet.

Don’t know what size or type of tire you need?

Not a problem.  Let our helpful tire sales associates guide you to the correct tire for your truck, budget and driving requirements.

Tire maintenance and services to get the most out of your tires.

All of our GCR Locations can mount and balance truck tires, and many of our stores offer alignments for commercial vehicles.  Our technicians will perform a free tire assessment, where we inspect every wheel position on your truck to make safety-focused preventive service recommendations. These recommendations help avoid downtime due to unexpected and costly repairs, while also improving fuel efficiency and your bottom line. See how GCR can service your truck tires and fleet like no one else.


Hubby and I stopped in to have a tire replaced on our semi truck. These guys were busy but they had us fixed up in 20 minutes time. Great job, decent pricing and we will definitely return here for our repairs and such. Nice group of friendly knowledgeable people.
Amanda O Bradenton, FL
I recently had 18 trucks that needed steer tires to be swapped and boy did GCR step up! Their field techs were not only friendly and helpful, they worked hard to help me meet the deadlines I had at hand working late til the work was done. I used to spread my work around with local tire dealers, but after this experience all my work will be done through them!
Carlos Albuquerque, NM


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