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The right tire makes a difference, but the right maintenance makes a lasting change. Our services will keep your OTR tires going strong, so they can handle whatever you throw at them. We also offer TPMS systems for a more proactive airpressure management solution.

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On-site Services

Get back to work fast with on-site inspection, repair and replacement. Our service technicians can uncover your tire data and give you actionable ways to increase uptime.

Scheduled Inspection/Maintenance

GCR Tires & Service will regularly inspect your fleet for upcoming tire service needs. These scheduled inspections are customizable to your needs and provide information on tire condition, recommendations and service forecasting.

Air Pressure Management Programs

We can outfit your fleet with a fully customized air pressure management program that can maximize your uptime and your bottom line. We think you can roll with that.

Flat-Proofing Tires (Foam-Filling)

When you need to avoid flat tire disruptions, call on GCR to flat proof your tires. Our foam fill service pumps liquid polyurethane into the tire, which completely solidifies and replaces the air with a strong, synthetic core. Once you flat proof, nails and other warehouse debris won’t be a problem. Our foam fill keeps your tires intact even in the most challenging operating environments.

Flat Proofing Tire Performance Benefits:

  • Eliminate flat tires – Flat tires can cost thousands of dollars every minute a vehicle is down
  • Improve job site safety – Lessen the chance of incidents from rapid decompression
  • Increase stability and traction - Give your vehicles a cushiony, air-like ride
  • Inflate to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure – forever!
  • Expand tire versatility – More dependable in more environments

Mobile press on service at your place of business

When your forklift, man lift or mini crane requires needs a new tire, call on GCR. Many of our stores have mobile press capabilities and can come to you and press on top-quality, non-pneumatic tires to get you up and running quickly. We’ve got press on cushion tires for indoor handlers as well as press on tires for your skid loader. Whether you bought your tires online and need press on service, or are looking to purchase forklift tires, GCR can take care of all your material handler needs.

Optimize your forklifts with our material handler tire recommendations

Many of our customers use their forklifts for a variety of jobs. Multi-use forklifts can provide excellent value if you are using the correct air lift tires for the surface. GCR can help you optimize your forklifts by making sure you have the proper tires for the current job. Many of our stores offer durometer services that will give you the best tire recommendation for the various surfaces your forklifts encounter.

Wheel Torque

Proper torque is key for moving those heavy loads. We invest in the best technology and tools, including RAD Torque Systems™, to ensure your equipment meets its exact torque specifications for peak performance.

On-site Section Repair

Our OTR retreading and section repair helps make the most of your off-road tire investment.

Tire Disposal

Nobody likes taking out the trash. With scrap tires, it’s a lot more than a trip to the junkyard. Don’t stress over researching local requirements, keeping up with changes or dealing with potential fines for improper disposal. Our GCR Tires & Service teammates will dispose of your tires and ensure all requirements in your area are met.