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GCR Fleet Management Programs

GCR offers fleet programs and tire intelligence tools to help your commercial fleet gain an advantage on the road. We have programs that will help you address significant fleet pain points by reducing your tire costs, proactively caring for tires to prevent downtime, and equipping fleets with the data to make better decisions.

GCR is here to support your fleet with regular maintenance, fleet inspections and emergency roadside assistance. These services can help all types of fleets and can fluctuate to manage your fleet based on the size, whether small, medium, or large.

How do I manage my fleet of trucks?

Contact a GCR Fleet Management Solutions representative. They can help you build the right portfolio of services for your specific fleet. When determining what a fleet management solution will cost, it will depend on the size of your fleet and what services you decide to utilize. When determining cost, it is essential to consider the expenses involved in downtime, fleet mechanic time, inventory procurement management and overhead.

Fleet Management Solutions


BASysTM is a complete digital tire retread technology management system that uses an online portal to provide visibility and accountability to help improve floor productivity, track assets and inventory, and optimize tire cost for your fleet. With predictive analysis and asset tracking that can scale to fit the needs of your fleet, BASysTM can track your tire through the plant and give you access to real-time inventory tracking across dealers.

With the BASysTM Fleet Analyzer 2.0, the system will track and analyze data for complete yard checks, and performance tracking with Bluetooth fleet check technology. A yard check focuses on tire pressure, tread depth, and dual mating on tractors, trailers and other fleet equipment. After an inspection, you receive a report that tracks performance, with details about all items inspected and any corrective actions needed.


IntelliTire is an advanced tire pressure monitoring system to reduce downtime and simplify fleet tire management. The purpose of the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in your vehicle is to warn you that at least one or more tires are significantly under-inflated, possibly creating unsafe driving conditions. IntelliTire is a robust tire pressure monitoring system for your fleet supported by software and components that are easy to install and use.

Federal Annual Trailer Inspection

GCR has a quality Federal Annual Trailer Inspection service so you can receive a trustworthy inspection, maximize your uptime and free up your staff to work on more critical maintenance tasks. A fleet check is the process of an inspection performed by one of our Authorized Service Providers. It complies with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines in the "Minimum Periodic Inspection Standards."

Used with the BASys™ Fleet Analyzer, you can track trends over time and make more informed decisions about your trailers.

Mounted Wheel Services

GCR offers mounted wheel services to provide your fleets a total supply of perfectly maintained tires and wheels ready to install at all times. Mounted Wheel services generally include mounting and dismounting tires from wheels, new valve assembly and airing up tires to fleet specifications.

Your fleet mechanic will then install the finished wheels on the vehicles. This fleet solution will help increase uptime, improve shop safety and create efficiencies by replenishing ready racks at each fleet location after your new tires roll out onto the road.

With GCR fleet management providing these services, your fleet mechanics can concentrate on core maintenance, and you don't have the overhead expense of additional shop equipment.

Wheel & Rim Refinishing

Wheel and rim refinishing for your overall tire program help you increase the operational readiness of your vehicles and provide consistency throughout your fleet. The GCR quality wheel reconditioning and refinishing process includes a thorough inspection of wheels and rims, followed by removing paint, dirt, grease, rust and excessive coating buildup. The final touch is a finish with durable Armor Kote™ or Powder Coat Paint.

Including these seemingly small details as part of your enterprise fleet management program, you build a competitive advantage by improving vehicle safety and allowing your drivers to take pride in their vehicles.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

By becoming using GCR fleet support, you enjoy the peace of mind of toll-free 24-hour emergency road service to help get your vehicles back on the road at predictable costs and with minimal hassle and less downtime.

As a National Fleet member, if you have a tire problem that disables your truck, call the toll-free number (800-560-0099). A team of professionals will get a service provider to you as soon as possible, anywhere your trucks travel, and get you on your way with a quality Bandag retread or new Bridgestone or Firestone tires.

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To take advantage of any or all of these fleet tire programs and management solutions to help manage your commercial fleet of trucks and keep them safely on the road, locate a GCR Store Near You and talk to a GCR employee about fleet support today.