Commercial Truck Tire Services


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A tire can only take you so far without proper maintenance. Our advantage is proactive service that keeps those truck tires in peak performance at every stage, minimizing costs and helping your business roll on.

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Air Pressure Management Programs

Routine air pressure checks make all the difference. It’s an easy way to improve driver safety and your bottom line. You can ward off irregular wear and save money on fuel and parts just by properly inflating your truck tires and correcting small imbalances. We think you can roll with that.

Wheel Programs

Our staff reconditions old wheels, mounts or fixes mis-mounted or unbalanced tires, and provides a customized wheel program for your specific fleet. Give your truck tires the support they need and maximize uptime while you’re at it.

Casing Buyback Program and ISO Certified Bandag Retread Tires

Tires are the No. 1 maintenance cost for most fleets, but they’re also an opportunity to cut costs. We buy back or retread worn casings* to save you money. Retread tires perform just as well if not better than new tires and in blind tests even drivers can’t tell the difference. Learn more about our retread tires and how they can help your bottom line.
*Subject to inspection of the quality of the casing.

On-site Services

With more than 1,500 trucks in the U.S. and Canada, we hand-deliver everything you need. Get back to work fast with on-site repair and replacement.

Scheduled Inspection/Maintenance

Take the stress out of your routine and let GCR visit your yard to inspect and maintain your fleet. Driving thousands of miles magnifies even the smallest issues. Misalignments shorten truck tire life, increase driver fatigue and decrease fuel efficiency. Irregular tire wear can create costly issues far beyond simple tire replacement. Our attention to detail and advanced diagnostics and tools will spot the little problems before they become the big headaches.

Wheel Torque

Proper torque is key for moving those heavy loads. We invest in the latest technology, including BlueTork™ torque guns, to ensure your equipment meets its exact torque specifications for peak performance.

Tire Disposal

Nobody likes taking out the trash. With scrap tires, it’s a lot more than a trip to the junkyard. Don’t stress over researching local requirements, keeping up with changes or dealing with potential fines for improper disposal. Our GCR Tires & Service teammates will dispose of your tires and ensure all requirements in your area are met.