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Find Commercial Truck Tire Service and Repair

A tire can only take you so far without proper maintenance. Keep your truck tires in peak performance at every stage with proactive truck tire service. GCR truck and tire service repair minimizes costs and keeps you profitable by addressing issues before it’s too late. Find the nearest location to you and discover how GCR can help keep your business rolling.


In Store Truck Service

Come into a local GCR dealer and get the highest quality service on routine maintenance, flat repairs, and alignments. Our network of stores offers the following pricing. Contact a local dealer for more specific details:

In-Store Pricing

Mount                                                                                                                   $20.00
Dismount $20.00
Dismount & Mount from Vehicle & Wheel $40.00
Wheel Switch/Per Wheel $20.00
Flat Repair - Dismount, Repair, Mount, Install on Vehicle $50.00
Balance $35.00
Commercial Alignments - Check Store listings for specific capabilities  
• Alignment Quick Check (Toe) $39.99
• Steer Axle, Toe Only $159.00
• 2 Axle $199.00
• 3 Axle $275.00

Road Service Calls

We know that you can’t always plan ahead for service. Don’t worry, we can come to you to perform maintenance or fixes. Learn more about our emergency services here or call 1-800-541-TIRE (8473) for GCR Tires & Service.

Road Service Pricing

SERVICE TYPE                                                                                   PRICING*
Regular Hours Service Call M-F 8AM-5PM $105.00
• Billed in 15 min increments once the 1 hour minimum is met  
Emergency After Hours Service Call M-F 5PM-8AM, Sat, Sun, Holidays $130.00
• Billed in 15 min increments once the 2 hour minimum is met  
Services included in the hourly rate at no additional charge Included
• Dismounts  
• Mounts  
• Flat Repairs  
• Inside Duals  
• Installation of Valve Stems (Valve Stem Charged Separately)  

Service Programs

Commercial Air Pressure Management Programs

Routine air pressure checks make all the difference with commercial truck maintenance. It’s an easy way to improve driver safety and your bottom line. You can avoid irregular wear and save money on fuel and parts just by properly inflating your truck tires and correcting small imbalances. Saving money through proactive truck tire service? We think you can roll with that.

Semi-truck Wheel Programs

Improve your fleet’s fuel economy and extend the life of your tires with GCR’s semi-truck tire service offerings. Our staff reconditions old wheels, mounts and fixes mismounted or unbalanced tires, and provides a customized wheel program for your specific fleet. Give your truck tires the support they need and maximize uptime while you’re at it.

Casing Buyback Program and ISO Certified Bandag Retread Tires

Tires are the No. 1 maintenance expense for most fleets, but they’re also an opportunity to cut costs where it matters. We buy back or retread worn casings* to save you money. We can also inspect your tires to help determine if your wheel casings can be repaired to save you from buying new tires. Retread tires perform just as well if not better than new tires, and in blind tests, even drivers can’t tell the difference. Learn more about our retread tires and how truck tire service and repair can help your bottom line. We offer a complimentary GCR Plus 60-Day Warranty on our Bandag retreads.

*Subject to inspection of the quality of the casing.

On-Site Services

Get back to work fast with on-site repair and replacement.

Schedule Commercial Truck Maintenance and Inspections

Take the strain out of your routine and let GCR visit your yard to examine and maintain your fleet. Driving thousands of miles magnifies even the smallest problems. Misalignments shorten truck tire life, increase driver fatigue and reduce fuel efficiency. Irregular tire wear can produce pricey problems far beyond straightforward tire replacement. Our attention to detail and advanced diagnostics and tools will spot the small issues before they become the big headaches.

Semi Truck Wheel Torque

Proper torque is essential for moving those heavy loads. We invest in the latest technology, including BlueTork™ torque guns, to ensure your equipment meets its exact torque specifications for peak performance.

Commercial Truck Tire Disposal

Taking out the trash is never fun. With old scrap tires, it’s a lot more than a quick visit to the junkyard. Don’t stress over researching local requirements, keeping up with changes or dealing with potential fines for improper disposal. Our GCR Tires & Service teammates will dispose of your tires and can guarantee all requirements in your area are met.

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·      Genuine, complete and reliable work that keeps you safe

·      We’re here to help you when you need it, 24/7/365 with quality service

·      Over 50 convenient locations throughout the West & Pacific Northwest

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