B-TAG™ – Bridgestone Intelligent Tag

Smarter Tires. Better Business.
With accurate up-to-the-minute tire temperature and pressure monitoring, B-TAG™ increases safety, productivity, efficiency and profitability.




A B-TAG™ sensor — an advanced tire monitoring system — is attached to each tire and sends real-time data directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone. Know the pressure and temperature of every tire at any time so you can maximize tire life and better utilize your service technicians.


Get accurate up-to-the-minute temperature readings from every tire in your fleet. More accurate than standard TMPH systems, this monitoring helps reduce tire damage and danger by alerting you instantly to rising tire temperatures.


From six minutes per wheel to less than one minute per truck, B-TAG™ sends real-time temperature and pressure data directly to you without the wasted time of manual field inspections. Reduce workload and tire-related downtime with alerts for incorrect or dropping inflation and get more productivity while saving time.


Made for mining sites, B-TAG™ sensors are tough. Extensive testing in extreme environments (e.g., -40°C to +40°C) ensures these sensors can handle the harshest conditions for up to three years.

Learn how TreadStat™—Bridgestone's customizable tire and rim management system—works with B-TAG™ for complete coverage.

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